Top 5 Tips for using your phone while traveling.

If you are going on holidays or traveling internationally for a few months, these tips will really help.  I have been traveling a lot for the last two years and here is what I have learned about using your phone while traveling.

First things first, use your phone in airplane mode.

Put your phone into flight-mode/airplane mode (with wifi turned on).  This is so you are not getting charged from your current provider and you can still access wifi in areas where it is available.

Check your providers roaming packages

Check what you are signed up to.  Charge per day/MB usage?  Whether you are on bill-pay or prepay, you need to know exactly what you will be charged for making & receiving calls & texts and how much per MB of internet access. 

Get a local sim

If you are staying in a place for a month or more.  Most networks do pay as you go 30-day packages.  (Read all the details for packages, as they may only last 7-10 days)

Unlock your phone

Unlock your current device or at least know how to access the code to unlock the phone. You can get the code from your current network provider.  This means that you can use any sim from any country in your phone.

 (Most networks have requirements before they will give you the NAC for your phone. For example, you would need to have put a minimum of €200 of credit on the phone or you had at least a 12-month contract with that phone.  All networks vary so check them out. )

Don’t let your phone do Auto-anything!

Turn off all automatic updates in app store/play store and back up apps, (or at least switch them to Wi-Fi Only).  Backup all your photos and update all of your app when you are on wifi only!


** Bonus Tips** Using your phone while traveling.

  • Topup in small increments – if you are signed into a package pay as you go deal ie €20/€30 per month then you may lose some credit by topping up in these multiples so top up by €10/€5 at a time.
  • Let people know how best to contact you.  I rarely use text messages, as my phone is in airplane mode a lot.  I use Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger the majority of the time.  (If you don’t have your phone turned on a lot of the time, someone who texts you will wonder why you havent replied). 


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