Trying American candy. #candycorn

I have always seen Candycorn on american movies but never had a chance to try it!  While in Brooklyn on one of our turnaround days I spotted in Target and had to try it.

I really don’t know what to day.  Its like little icing sweets – pure sugar – I dont know what I was expecting.  Perhaps something like skittles.  Its like little bits of bun-icing.  Ok in small doses but I couldn’t eat much of it in one go.  It took me about a month to get through a bag of it.

candycorn american sweets


3 musketeers on the other hand I absolutely loved!  Its like a giant Milky Way bar.  DELICIOUS!  I need more!!


Also, what really made my day was the fact that our shuttle bus from the terminal to Brooklyn was a school bus!!!!!

american school bus


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