How I ended up going around the world!

In 2014 I had hit a wall, i was fed up and wanted to get away from it all for a while.  A week long holiday was just not going to cut it.   I have my own business so I knew I could just put it on pause for a little while if I needed to or just take and extended break.

So I started doing some research,


Google was my first stop, I knew I would have to work as I travelled to pay for everything.  I figured that I could do photography anywhere I just needed to work out how I could do it, travel and get paid.

Contacted people I know who travel and work

I got  in touch with Carlo and Florence from Next Stop Who Knows, to see how they do what they do.  They both grew up near to where I did and we had friends in common so I just got in contact.   They were and still are a fountain of knowledge about being location independent and I got some great information from the two of them and we keep in touch about where we are all at.

Looked into being an AuPair/Nanny

Italy was a place I really wanted to go back to – I spent 3 months there way back in 2002 and fell in love with the place, the language, the culture and I still love it.  I thought it would be great to work with a family and get to live very local so I signed up for and set up my profile and searched through jobs.  Italy, Spain France there were lots to choose from.  But my intuition was also telling me that I might not get to do much exploring as a nanny.   I got very excited when a few families were interested but most were too short notice and some were very isolated in the places they lived so I shelved this idea.  I left my profile up for a while but never accepted any jobs.

I shelved the idea and got stuck into work

Now we are at the end of 2014, Im still working in and on my photography business and I had kind of set aside the idea of travelling – kind of!

January 2015 my new years resolution was..

to see at least 2 countries every 6 months.

Catching up with friends

In the new year i caught up with friends and while chatting over coffee with one of the girls, I said how I had itchy feet and wanted to travel.  She said, why don’t you try cruise ships?  She had done dance contracts on ships a few years before and loved it.   And so I had a lead

Cruise ship Photographers?

I didn’t know what I was looking for so I just googled (again) and sent my cv to a couple of companies.  I heard nothing, at first.  In March, I got an email from a company and I hadn’t heard of them.  Sometimes you get hired through agencies and sometimes directly by the ship.  My friend still had contacts with ships photographers and asked them about the company, and with that they sent me a list of companies to check out.  I sent my cv to them all and waited to here.

In April I heard back from a UK company, I did a skype interview and I got offered a job the next day.  How I got on a Round World Voyage on a 5 star ocean liner as first and second contract totally surprised me.

I kept my 2015 resolution….

So at my last count

I have visited 47 countries, most of which I have done in the last 12 months.

Let me know if you would like to hear more?  I have loads of backlog posts to do and I hope you enjoy them.





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