Back to the meadow……..

The gate makes a clang that has a kind of melody as I push it over the the timber and clumps of grass holding it closed. It fills me with nostalgic happiness for years as a child in the countryside.

back to the meadowThe ground is uneven as trodden by foot, hoof and wheels over the years.

back to the meadowTreading carefully over the earth, there are fallen leaves that look like autumn even though we are in the middle of a summer heatwave, I venture into the meadow and follow the path. danelion meadow
Dandelions, buttercups and daisies are plentiful through the meadow, as are the bees and the butterflies. daisy meadow - no place like home
I haven’t been away very long in terms of my 33 years, here is always as place of peace and calm for me.

buttercup meadow
I am always mesmerised by the powerful bird song melodies in constant song. Calming and meditative with its myriad of sounds. (with the occasional car noise in the mix, its not that isolated).

So I am off to enjoy my little piece of beauty.


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