Wandering in the Sunlight of the Rainforest

In a stream of sunlight!

Walking through the rainforest at Dorrigo National Park.  It’s a beautiful park with a few different trails to take.  There are two fantastic waterfalls and lots of wildlife, including a lot of Brush Turkeys!

Walking through the forest is cool and lots of streams of sunlight coming through the trees.

I had to take this opportunity to take a photo in one of the beautiful shards of sunlight.  It can be hard taking shot in this situation because of the contrast.  Extreme highlights and extreme shadows.

For this type of shot make sure the light meter is reading off the face and focusing on the face.

Setting for the shot are :

Aperture Priority at F5.6

ISO at 250

Exposure Compensation -1.0

Shutterspeed (auto set to) 1/250

Auto White Balance



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