Southampton | England  10th January 2016

So a plane, a train, a tube, a train and a taxi is all it takes for me to get to Southampton.


Southampton Bargate (medieval gatehouse)

So in order to join the ship I had to make my way to Southampton, England where the ship starts its world voyage.

I have been in Southampton quite a few times with the ship on my last contract and I usually have a list of things to do so I haven’t just wandered about.   Priorities when you get off the ship can range from WiFi, to shopping to snacks, to getting fast food, or a Costa or Starbucks.  There is usually a trip to Primark (or Prim-ani (armani) as I overheard on the train today) to  get essentials.

I have taken a few snaps as we have breezed through, it is a very historic town with beautiful architecture



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