So I live on a Ship (not a boat)

living on queen mary 2

It should probably read “Holy crap I live on a ship”   So this is my home at the moment.  Me, 1199 crew and 2600 passengers!

Its new for me, especially considering i have never even been on a ferry!  So when asked it I got seasick, I had no idea.   I was more concerned with setting sail.  That I would completely freak out that I was stuck on a boat,  ahem sorry a ship (difference being you can put a boat on a ship you can’t put a ship on a boat), direct quote from Captain Christopher Wells of RMS Queen Mary 2.

So we set sail from Southampton on August 27th and thankfully I didn’t freak out. I’m glad to say I find looking out at the vastness of the ocean extremely calming and tranquil.  I do get a little over excited when we see another ship or boat in the distance as we do 6-7 sea days on a transatlantic.

So I have been on board for more than 2 weeks now and I have adjusted.  My feet hurt like hell and thats a story for another day.


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