Profile Photos for work – photo types to avoid!

Profile photos for work are regularly the first impression people are getting from you.

People want to see who you are and who they will be working with! That is why profile photos are so important.

The following are my 4 profile photos to avoid. 

1. No Photo

It can give the impression that you are not bothered about your professional profile or that you don’t know how to upload a photo.

2. Logo or Cartoon

Your profile is for YOU! Your company page is for your BUSINESS! People want to see who you are and who they will be working with!

3 Night Out photo

Unless it suits your personal and business brand DONT USE IT!

4 Cropped photo

You look great but your friend is in the photo! Don’t crop them out! Just don’t use the photo!

5 Low-quality photo

This can also be a knock-on effect of cropping a photo.  But almost as a bad as having no photo, is having a blurry or out of focus photo. 

6 Full-length photo

You only need a head and shoulders shot for a business profile.


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The ideal profile photo is…

  1. Just head and shoulders (maybe a little more but focus on the eyes.)
  2. Sharp, good quality and in focus without too many filters or enhancements
  3. A smiley and approachable pose.
  4. Matches with your personal/business brand.



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