Keeping a Journal – My Top 5 Tips

Do you journal?

It’s blogging the old fashioned way.  I write all my list of upcoming blog posts and use it to brainstorm for my projects & blog post ideas.  For those of you who see my Instagram and Facebook, you may have noticed that I have a bit of a stationery obsession.  All the journals, notebooks, paper, organizers, stickers and more…   I am, however, being very good and not buying round and about me.  Although the temptation is real! Especially now that I’m in Australia and there are shops like Kikki-K, Typo, and Officeworks, to name but a few!

journal fiona mcguire

I still have to handwrite stuff.  I have a smartphone, a laptop, and a tablet but I still prefer to write my ideas and to-do lists on paper.  There is something therapeutic about physically handwriting things and brainstorming straight onto a clean sheet of paper in my diary.

I have a softcover A5 notebook, with dotted pages, that I use for everything – reminders, ideas, to-do lists and brainstorming.  

My top 5 tips for keeping a journal

Do it your way!

It’s easy to be disheartened when browsing the web and seeing all the “Bullet Journal” posts and how pretty and creative they all are. Don’t let it put you off.  It’s “your” journal so it should just be you.  (FYI, mine is a mish-mash of stuff and I love it).  Mine is from Tiger.

journal fiona mcguire

You don’t have to journal every day.

But you can if you want.  Sometimes I will jot stuff down in mine a few times in a day and then I might not write in it again for a few days.  

Take it with you everywhere.

You never know when your next big idea is going to come to you!  My journal is an A5 size and its perfect for throwing into my bag or laptop case to bring with me.  I get my ideas and epiphanies when I am out and about, so I need to have it with me to write stuff down.  If I don’t, I can’t guarantee I will remember when I get home.

 Usually, I remember I was supposed to remember something to write down, but what that had long since left my brain!  Does that ever happen to you?

colorful-desk-space Office Inspiration Fiona McGuire

It can be a diary, journal and scrapbook all in one.

I keep a few things in my journal usually so that I can stick things into my journal (so tape and stickers, envelopes etc).  Usually, it’s photos or traveling souvenirs (tickets etc).  If I try to keep everything separate, I just end up with a pile of paper that I have to sort, so I just stick it in my journal pages.

colorful-desk-space Office Inspiration Fiona McGuire

And finally, Don’t be afraid to doodle, sketch, and colour in your journal.

There are no rules, you can draw, write, colour, paint, anything you want.  It’s your journal so do it your way! 


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