Creating infographics with Visme.

I have been having lots of fun creating my own infographics using Visme.  I have to say that it is a nifty tool for infographics, presentations, and lots, lots more.

Travelling-the-World infographic 

Infographics with Visme

The more I use it, the more tools and functions I come across that make it all so easy.  

What I love about it

  • The great selection of elements, graphics, and images to use.
  • You can upload your own images and graphics to use also
  • The selection of templates is really great. 
  • There is an embed option so you don’t always have to upload the graphics to your site
  • A great selection of Charts and data widgets – my favorite being the maps section.
  • You can add audio to presentations – from their library or record your own.  (Great for tutorial video presentations).
  • You can download your finished presentation with lots of options.

There are tons of templates, elements and you can even use their “Content Block” templates or make your own custom blocks.

Customisable Maps & Statistics

My favourite is the customisable Charts & Data widgets.  There are maps of the world, every continent, and every country.  Each country is then divided into counties/states and the information is customisable for all.

customisable maps visme infographic

You can input all of your own data into the spreadsheets and pick from a wide variety of chart designs – from a simple bar or pie chart to funnels and more.  So you can make your presentation information beautiful and easy to read.  

graphs visme infographic

Create graphics specific to your data with easy to use widgets!  And you can customize everything to have your brand colours!graphics percent visme infographics

What is Visme?  Check them out HERE,  they have a free version so you can get to grips with what they have to offer.  I would definitely recommend upgrading so you have access to all it has to offer.   


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