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New York Sun 17 Jan 2016

After over 6 days at sea we made it NYC! We gain an hour on days over the voyage so we arrive in NYC without having to adjust to the time difference.
So a group of us decided to head into Manhattan after Crew Shore Leave was granted. The ship docks in Brooklyn so we just got a cab into Ground Zero. I have been in Brooklyn a few times but only Manhattan once, so this was my second time and I still haven’t been wowed! I mean its a great city, I just haven’t thought its amazing! But I am open to having my mind changed.

new_york_City4 new_york_City3 new_york_City2 new_york_City1
We walked around the city and went up to the One World Observatory.

Going up in the lift it showed NYC from when it began to what it is looking like now and once you came out of the life there was a display before they revealed the view. The 360 view of the city is phenomennal and of course i took some pictures.
After that we had a walk around the city, getting a few bits and pieces before heading back to the shop!

The Snow
When we got back ton the ship and got ready for sailing away it started to snow! So of course we went up on deck and went a bit crazy while we were “working” 🙂
I sometimes forget the novelty of snow for other nationalities! Sydney, Kiwi and the Mexican new_york_City8 new_york_City7 new_york_City6 new_york_City5were like kids in the snow it was so adorable. So of course we had to have a snow fight!
And so the ship is taking us to Fort Lauderdale! Talk soon.


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