Hangry – Yes, it’s a real thing!

Hangry?  Who me?  Never?

You are having a perfectly good day and all of a sudden it hits you.  You’re cranky, irritable and unbearable to be around.  If you are like me then it usually happens on a busy day at work, you missed breakfast or skipped your lunch (sometimes without realising).  It’s all well and good until you scream at someone just because you are hungry or hangry.

Yes, hangry is a real thing. It took me a while to realise how much it affects me but it does.

We’ve all done it. Snapped at someone just because we are hungry.  You’re boyfriend/girlfriend, family or friend and even the person at the til who says there is a €10 minimum to pay by card when all you wanted was a snickers!
Here are my top, simple but effective, tips to stave off the hangry.

1. Don’t skip meals

The old adage of ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ is definitely true.  Any equally important are all the other meals during the day.

2. Bring snacks

If you know you are prone to getting ‘a little’ hangry during the day, bring snacks with you to save yourself and others from the torment!

3. Keep yourself hydrated.

Coffee, tea, water, especially water.  Staying well hydrated definitely helps to lessen the level of hangry.
The key is to not let sneak up on you.  You don’t want to get mid rant and then a lightbulb moment thinking, ‘Hmmm, when did I last eat?’
Snickers say it best – ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’


What’s your worst hangry story?


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