My favourite Spice | Fiona’s Food Blog

Ground coriander is my absolute favourite spice!   Its amazing smell and flavour gives such depth to dishes.  Even just a sprink of it on chicken pieces before you bake them in the oven is divine.


It is  one of my staples.  (Along with garlic, turmeric, smoked paprika  salt and pepper).

I use it for rice, in a rub for meats, in stirfrys, curries, tray bakes, roasting dishes and more….


I have made a jar of the mixture because I use it so much.  I add salt and pepper as I could the dish because each dish needs (or doesn’t) a different amount of salt and pepper.

***Tip***  Put a teaspoon of this mixture and one chicken or veg stock cube in with your rice as your are boiling it to give it a great flavour. ****


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