Florida, nice to see you

Florida, Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades Wed 20 Jan 2016

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My first time in Florida! At this time of year (January) the weather is like a spring/summer Irish day. So first stop was coffee – this is the usual plan so we can sit off the ship and decide what we will do.


So once we were caffinated we made our plan and for Kiwi and Nirish it was their first tattoo! (Bucket list – cause travelling the world isn’t enough for us!) I was brought in for moral support and will admit I was tempted to get another. The Tattoo Gallery was amazing and the chicks were very happy.

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By now we were on the beach front and (on recommendation from the tattoo artist) we went to the italian on the end of the boardwalk and we weren’t disappointed. Delicious! (As much as we can we get locals recomendations and stay away from the hyped touristy places)
The beach front was abit breezy but all I wanted was to get my feet wet and walk along the shore so we wandered and came across this massive chair! So of course there had to be a picture.
It was all aboard for 4pm and we had to go back to work. Thankfully myself and my roommate had the night off so we went out for dinner. It was divine.

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