The Start of a Roadtrip

Who’s idea was this!

At 2 am, on a very foggy Wednesday morning, we set off on our journey.  All packed into my trusty Ford Fiesta that I have had for nearly 12 years.  It’s freaking awesome!  (only 203,000 miles on the clock!!!)  Arigna to Rosslare was the first leg of the trip.  To catch the 8 am StenaLine ferry Rosslare to Fishguard.

*Sidenote*  we booked our ferry tickets through Anthea at Active Irish Breaks. She got us the best deal so look her up if you are getting the ferry between Ireland & the UK.

Anyhow, back to the story, with my travel cup filled to the brim with coffee off we went. I didn’t think my co-pilot was gonna be awake to keep me alert for the journey.  Not that I need an excuse for caffeine. 🙂

I didn’t hold out much hope for the radio at that hour of the morning.  I was wrong. 2fm was the perfect mix of classical, oldies and goodies.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  It definitely kept me entertained for the 4-hour journey.

(Note to other drivers doing this trip, there are not many service stations open at that ungodly hour so choose your drinks & pee breaks carefully!)

We traveled through seven counties over the 4 hours and saw nothing but fog.  It occasionally cleared but only for little bits, then it came back.

As 6 am rolled on in and we were getting closer to the port, a real person came on the radio (Lottie Ryan).  She declared that today we would be celebrating all Irish music because the place is just exploding with talent, old and new.  So very true and it made me think of this ebook I got from Chill Insurance called Discover Irelands Musical Drives.

So basically, this ebook gives you ideas for stops on a musically themed road trip in Ireland.  From locations where iconic videos were shot to venues and landmarks of Irish music. Alot of them I have seen but I never thought about making it into a road trip.

“Over the years, Ireland has been the setting for a whole host of music videos – and it’s still possible to visit some of these locations today. So if you’re a muso on a tour of Éire, you can check out the places that found fame in some of music’s most iconic videos.”

discover irelands musical drives


On The Ferry

(ps. it was my first time on a car ferry)

Once the Irish part of the drive was done we just had to check-in and board the ferry.  I was planning to have a nap for as much of the journey as possible.  I brought my trusty travel wristbands to preempt any motion sickness during the crossing.  I honestly don’t know if they work or its just a placebo effect.  I don’t really care because they work for me.

Luckily, the crossing was quite smooth and the gentle swaying just rocked me off to sleep, for two solid hours (outstretched on a couch in the cafe, classy!).


The sail into Fishguard was very pretty and it was a crispy cold blue sky day.  We disembarked with ease and headed on the next leg of our journey.  Fishguard to Cardiff!

For that post, there will be pictures, as it was daytime! 🙂


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