Vanity, thy name is……

a ships photographer…..

There is that awkward moment when you come home and you are showing your family the photos from your trip and then you get to this folder….  ‘So here is a folder full of photos of ME’  oh the vanity (oh the light-testing),

Cunard_ship_photographer C17gala1AW_0005 (1) E03gangVW_0028 E03gangVW_0058 F08beau1LG_0004 Cunard_ship_photographer F16gbeuTW_0003 M10Flow1BH_0006 N02flow1BH_0024 N02gwayAW_0067 N04flow1LG_0003 P08stai1NZ_0016 Cunard_ship_photographer Cunard_ship_photographer Cunard_ship_photographer



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