Todays News! :)

Hello everybody, so as some of you now I have been working towards a new project/adventure.  (which i mentioned last week).   and some of you know what it is and some of you don’t.   A bit of background to the story, this time last year I decided I wanted to do a lot more travelling.  Working in photography as I go.  Originally I thought I would go away once every 6 months for a week or two and be back and forth.  Cut to this year and I have been offered a fantastic job opportunity that combines by photography work and my desire to travel.

So I have some very exciting news –

I have been given an amazing opportunity to work on board the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship for 3 months!  Doing what I love and travelling at the same time!  Its a dream job 🙂

So that means that I will be out of the country for Sept, Oct, November and back early December.

First stop will be………..  New York!  I am really excited because I haven’t been to America before.  I will also be travelling to parts of Europe, Canada and to the Caribbean!!!

I will be doing some video and blog updates as I go, If you want to keep up with all my travels please subscribe to my youtube channel

Adventure is out there………

Now all I have to do is Pack…. simple…. right??   Aaaaaaaah  what am i going to bring with me?  What do you bring with you for a 3 month cruise ship trip?  Suggestions in the comments below……



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