Coffee shops | It’s not just the caffeine hit!

As most of you who follow my Instagram will know, I am a coffee addict!  (Takes a sip.)  And I love to find great coffee shops and cafes.  But it’s not just to feed my caffeine habit.  (I have been known to have a tea or a chai latte, albeit a rare occurrence for the most part.)

Product Photography

I blame it all on my friend Georgia, who started her coffee roasting business, The Art of Coffee (here), at the same time I started my photography business.  She hired me to take and style product shots for the cafe.  So it was a great day for me!  Take a photo of the cappuccino, Drink the cappuccino.  Take a photo of the latte, Drink the …..  you get the idea.   It was the start of it all.  Before this, I hadn’t been too fussed where my coffee came from, instant, cafe, petrol station…..


Back to my original point, it’s not just about the coffee for me.  When you work for yourself and you work from your home/laptop, sometimes a change of scenery is just what your productivity/creativity needs.  I will go for a couple of hours to enjoy a coffee and some people watching. I also take my laptop and do some editing or blog posts and sometimes I just bring my notebook and make lists or brainstorm ideas. 

Working Remotely

At the moment, I’m in Australia and a little bit too far away from the Cafe Lounge so I have had to find some new places for myself.  Luckily Melbourne does good coffee. So for the moment, my local is a beautiful little spot called Coffee Interchange (Here)!  It’s got great coffee and a styled interior that makes my creative brain happy.  

Where’s your favourite place to go for a bit of me-time or to help your productivity and creativity??



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