Blogging Tips & Advice

Blogging Tips & Advice – The technical for the non-technical blogger.  What you need to know for your own WordPress blog. 

RewardStyle Tutorial

The online world is amazing, it can also be very daunting if you are trying to set up your blog/website or even just to manage…


The WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard is the hub of all the activity on your blog. Posts, pages, comments and more. In this video, I go through your…


Keeping a Journal – My Top 5 Tips

Do you journal? It’s blogging the old fashioned way.  I write all my list of upcoming blog posts and use it to brainstorm for my…


Creating infographics with Visme.

I have been having lots of fun creating my own infographics using Visme.  I have to say that it is a nifty tool for infographics, presentations,…